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The *ASEAN Fisheries Education Network* or ASEAN-FEN is a team of university-based consortia representing the fisheries and aquaculture – oriented institutions within Southeast Asian region together with counterparts from Japan and China. The main objective of ASEAN-FEN is to support and facilitate the activities of educators, scientists, and responding to local, regional, national, and international issues on fisheries and aquaculture. One of regular and main activity of ASEAN-FEN is to annually organize the International Fishery Symposium (IFS) to serve as a major platform in bringing together those involved in fisheries and aquaculture. Since 2011, seven symposiums have been organized and annually hosted by different countries throughout the region with great contribution of participants.


Seminar Theme

“Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture for the Benefits of Mankind” is the theme for the 8th International Fishery Symposium 2018 (IFS 2018) to reflect sustainable development goals of FAO and ensure sustainability of quality fish resources for future generation of mankind. It is our responsibility through academic research and education in promoting sustainable exploitation, quality production and effective management of fisheries resources and products. Thus, this symposium will bring together researchers, scholars, students, officials, private sectors and all stakeholders to come together sharing and discussing their experiences and knowledges. The IFS 2018 is jointly hosted by five leading Thailand universities including Kasetsart University, Burapha University, Rajamangkala University of Technology, Thaksin University and Prince of Songkla University together with other ASEAN-FEN members as co-host.  The leader of bioseafood, Rahmi Nurdiani, S.Pi., M.App.Sc., Ph.D. join of the IFS 2018 held in Hatyai, Thailand during 18-21 November 2018

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